Custom Database and Analytics Solutions For Laboratory and Field Sciences

Flexible open source tools for data analysis, visualization, and database management


I founded SciScope Solutions after a long process of experimentation with open source tools in my career as researcher and professor. The challenge? To collect, store, analyze and visualize data without too much computational complexity.

No two scientific or creative projects are alike, and because of this most "out of the box" computational solutions usually lack the tools that are specific to them.

As an active researcher I use the same tools I design, and I can translate my experience into insights that will help you learn from your data right away.

SciScope Solutions is focused on one goal: helping you organize, analyze, and visualize your data using open-source computational tools.

  • You always own the final product
  • Every single project is custom-desiged for your needs
  • All of the tools are based on open-source languages
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Leveraging the insights of being an active field and lab researcher

Many researchers find it difficult to communicate their specific data collection, analytic, and visualization needs to vendors. Fifteen years of laboratory and field experience means that I can more efficiently identify your immediate needs and identify appropriate solutions.

  • 01What exactly is the product?

    The product is a fully interactive database, visualization, or dashboard written in Python or R that can be deployed anywhere in the world -- either with or without an internet connection.

  • Proprietary solutions a) cost money for each individual, b) are never owned by you, c) cannot usually be modified for your project, and d) have pre-set interfaces. All of the frameworks I design are completely open source and custom designed -- meaning anyone can continue modifying your tools in the future.

  • Virtually any analytic need can be accommodated, from visualizations of cluster solutions of real-time genetics data, to geological stratigraphic profiles based on points collected using a Total Station.


Cutting-edge and accessible open-source tools

Each project uses the most recent developments in purpose-made scientific packages in the following languages:

R 100%
Python 100%
Shiny 100%
Streamlit / Dash 100%
SQL 100%


Dynamic Dashboards

Learn from your data in real time as they entered into your database

Relational Databases

Databases rendered in clean and intuitive formats for improved data entry

Analysis / Visualization

Easily run routine analyses and generate visualizations

Field Support

Integrate your computational tools into your fieldwork or project for more efficient and accurate data collection


These are a handful of examples used in actual projects. They represent a fraction of what is possible!

  • All
  • Analysis
  • Dashboards
  • Database
  • Visualization

Fully interactive data-linked maps


Fast insights through linked data-entry-to-visualization pipeline


Interactive server-less dashboards


Generate statistical analyses with a button click


On-the-fly visualizations of complex data


Andes Mapper: census and spatial data


Accessible project data status summaries


Image and data comparison and review


Improved data entry and linked metadata retrieval


Streamlined data entry through controlled vocabulary and reactivity


Store, retrieve, and update data regardless of type


Analysis and visualization of nearly any kind of niche data



Alan Farahani, PhD

Founder and Analyst

Over fifteen years of professional experience in archaeology, anthropology, archaeobotany and related sciences.

Publications: | ResearchGate

Consultation Types

All projects are quoted individually and after consultation. We will find the tools that are right for your project. The following three tiers provide a sense for project size:

Basic Tier

Small laboratory or field projects focused on a single study. Usually two users.

  • Database creation (~3 tables)
  • Real-time visualizations (~2)
  • 5 Hours support
  • Analysis consulting
  • Feature upgrades
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Advanced Tier

Medium to larger-size laboratory and field projects. More than ten primary users.

  • Database creation (~10+ tables)
  • Real-time visualizations
  • 30 Hours support
  • Analysis consulting
  • Feature upgrades
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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Contact me or see the answers to the most common questions submitted by researchers:

  • What does open source mean?

    Open source means that the frameworks used to make the tools that you need are not owned by me -- they are able to modified and distributed as you see fit (with an appropriate software license). All of the programming languages that I use fall under this definition. Therefore, you are free to change the final product at your own convenience.

  • My role is to build the tools that your project needs and then provide near-lifetime support. It's similar to hiring a contractor to build a house. The house is yours, but the expertise and experience of the individual on how to build a house effectively, efficiently, and safely is what you bring on.

  • Yes! I am happy to work with you on grants and identify the most effective way to communicate how your data organization, visualization, and analysis needs are an essential part of your grand-funded research.

  • Depending on your needs, at the end of a project I will either a) provide support up to a specified number of hours or b) consider a project complete and fully hand it off to you. I am always available at any time after the completion of a project for continued support, however.

  • Support includes: bug fixes, quality-of-life improvements (interface design, accessibility, etc.), or modification of the tool in the event of research re-prioritization. Feature upgrades refer to those cases where a scientific package has been improved and therefore can be upgraded in your dashboard to better assist in your project goals.


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